Queen Bee Junk Removal!

A locally owned business to help you clear out the junk!

February 25, 2021

My name is Ashley Gounder and I am the owner of Queen Bee Junk Removal & Hauling. I am also a woman owned business! Some services we provide are large item pickups, such as appliances and furniture, entire house cleanouts after a move out or eviction, hoarder house cleanouts, contractor cleanups, weekly bulk pickups for apartment complexes, light demolition and much more! We do our best to keep Florida BEEutiful and strive to keep as many items as possible out of landfill by utilizing donation, resell centers, and recycling facilities ranging from dirt and concrete to appliances. Instead of you renting a dumpster to take everything to landfill, let us clean up the mess, do the sorting and only dispose of what is necessary! 

How did I get into the junk business? Four years ago, I became a single mom with no family in Florida and could barely pay my bills as a waitress. I met a guy at Starbucks that was opening a garbage company in Orlando and he offered me an opportunity to work with him in the waste industry to help open their company, which was located overseas, here in the United States. He said he saw a fire in me, and even though I didn’t have any experience or knowledge of the waste industry, he still wanted me to work for him. After working in the waste industry for a few years and becoming unhappy with my new manager, I started thinking... I saw many items being thrown away that could be recycled, reused or repurposed. My experience working with a large hauler I saw there were many services that they didn’t provide to the average person. Renting a dumpster is very expensive, over $600 at times, many individuals and small businesses couldn’t afford that option. After months of making lists of ideas and contemplating one of the biggest decisions of my life, quitting my job and relying solely on my own business to support two kids, I decided to quit my job and make my dreams come true. My business aids local families and businesses by helping them save money on disposal and also helps the environment by sorting our loads. 

I am a hard-working motivated person and everything that I do, I do with all of my heart. I want to be an inspiration to other single working mothers who don’t have the benefit of a college education, to never give up on their dreams. And when times get rough and you feel like giving up, DON’T. Keep pushing as everything you are going through in life at the moment is teaching you something, pay attention and use it to help build your future. Your kids want to be just like you and that includes you being happy so they can be happy! My 6 year old son even asked Santa for a Queen Bee T-shirt in a kid size for Christmas. He sees me happy and now wants to work in the family business I have created! When he wrote that on his list my heart was exploding with joy! I must be doing something right! My 12 year old daughter even loves getting involved as well as she likes taking pictures and creating ads for our social media pages and advertising.